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Owning guinea pigs can be a lot of fun!

They’re adorable little creatures known for their squeaks and playful personalities.  But they are not for everyone and they have some very special needs If you’re thinking about getting guinea pigs as pets, here are some tips:

Your Guinea pigs need a spacious cage with bedding, hiding spots, and room to explore. Ensure proper ventilation and cleanliness. They actually like to roam around so you’ll need alot extra places for them to play. A dirty cage will lead quickly to a sick Guinea pig. Changing their bedding often is mandatory for a healthy guinea pig.  Fresh water daily is a must for them and should always be available. They thrive on fresh veggies, hays and pellets formulated for guinea pigs. You can changing things up with them and all cruciferous veggies  and greens are appropriate for them 

Guinea pigs are social animals. They get lonely by themselves. If you choose to have them as pets, consider having at least two  of them to keep each other company. They do have a higher archey. When adding new pigs to fold make sure to be cautious about introducing unfamiliar guinea pigs to each other. They will fight. Slow introductions, separate cages and group introductions that are supervised are recommended.

Although your guinea pig enjoys your company they need to be handled  gently.Take time getting to know them, pet them, let them smell you. Once they are use to you its ok to pick them up. It’s important to support their body properly when picking them up. Make sure to have their belly supported by your hand or body. Once your guinea pig is comfortable with you, they will enjoy hanging out with you while you read or watch TV. If you choose to take your guinea pig outside, make sure you are with them in a controlled environment. Remember they are small and prey to many so they can not be left alone. Provide toys and safe items for them to chew on. They also need time outside their cage to exercise and explore in a secure, guinea pig-proofed area.

Keep your pet healthy with regular check-ups with a veterinarian specializing in small animals. Watch for signs of illness like changes in eating habits or behavior. The best way to keep your guinea pig healthy is to keep its cage and environment clean. 

They can live for  several years with proper care and attention.  Guinea pigs make wonderful companions and are great for families or individuals looking for affectionate and low-maintenance pets.

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