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Happy Pet — A Family Tradition for the Love of Animals

Coming from a family that loved and appreciated animals from the very beginning of my life, I was taught that the four-legged creatures were here to teach us balance, harmony, resonance and alignment.

Robin, Patrick and Allison

Robin and Droopy

They are the ones that are receptive to our joy and our pain.

They teach us how to relax. They teach us how to receive love.  By spending some time with them each day it  lowers  our blood pressure and helps us have a  better quality of life.

What better way to show our appreciation to our furry family members than to create a product just for them. As they age and go through their personal journeys, providing something that would give them comfort and ease was a mission that was important to me and my sister Allison.

In 2013, my sister Allison started an animal boarding and training facility. It was during the first year of her business that we saw how many animals were stressed out when their owners went to work, or were suffering from aches and pains as they aged.

I had been working with cannabinoids since 1996.

My best girl and queen Pit Bull, Diamond, had recently jumped out of a truck. At 11 years old, she had landed wrong, hurting her hips. The vet told us she probably wouldn’t be able to walk again and we should start considering end-of-life options, as she would be in extreme pain. I could not accept this. I knew that my Diamond girl had lots of life left in her. I want to see if the medicine I’d been making for people would be helpful for animals.

Into my R & D lab I went. I came out with a full-spectrum hemp infusion. I had decided to use raw and refined hemp seed oil for its high antioxidant value as well as its fat content. I knew that those two things alone would help the animal.

It took about a month of giving Diamond her daily dose of .5ml twice a day, bringing her to a solid dose for a 100 lb dog of 100 mgs of cannabidiol a day.

Diamond and Jojo

Robin, Miss Kitty & Brownie

Soon we noticed she wanted to get up, then she wanted to go outside and walk around.

 Finally one day about six weeks later she did zoomies in the yard. Our vet was amazed! We were amazed. And from that experience I knew I was on to something great.

I made a few bottles and handed them over to my sister who was able to use the product on multiple animals of different weights, breeds and species (she had cats as well).

We quickly learned that anything with a central nerve system would benefit from cannabidiol. Thus Happy Pet was born.

When purchasing our product you can rest assured that it was created for and used by our beloved pets.

Happy Pet is 10 years old now. We are a pioneer in the animal CBD space. Tried and tested by our beloved fur babies you can be confident that your pet is getting the highest quality product infused with the most amount of love and respect for precious four legged healers.

This medicine is made with the loving and kind spirit of my sister Allison.

She will always be the heart of Happy Pet Medicinals.

Your Pet Deserves
to be Happy!

Happy Pet Medicinals crafts premium, small-batch CBD formulas to enhance the health and well-being of pets of all sizes—from playful kittens and puppies to serene senior cats, dogs, and even horses. Our natural, balanced recipes work in harmony with your pet’s body, supporting health at every stage of life.