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Happy Pet Wholesale Bundle


Enhance your pet product lineup with the Happy Pet Wholesale Bundle. This exclusive pack includes our premium CBD Pet Infusion in two sizes and our special CBD/G/N formula, all designed to support pet wellness and vitality. Available only to verified business owners.

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  • Happy Pet Wholesale Bundle

    Exclusive Offer for Business Owners Only

    Elevate the health and happiness of pets with our specially curated Happy Pet Wholesale Bundle. Designed to meet the wellness needs of all pets, it ensures they receive the finest care through our premium CBD infusions.

    Bundle Includes:

    • 4 x 1 oz Bottle of CBD Pet Infusion: Our signature formula supports overall pet wellness. Ideal for daily use, it helps maintain a balanced and joyful pet life.
    • 4 x 4 oz Bottle of CBD Pet Infusion: Enjoy more of our trusted CBD Pet Infusion in a larger size. This formula continues to offer the exceptional support needed for comprehensive pet health.
    • 4 x 2 oz Bottle of CBDGN Pet Infusion: This unique blend, enhanced with select botanicals, boosts pet vitality and comfort. Perfect for pets needing extra care, it combines the soothing properties of CBD with the potent benefits of natural botanicals.

    Benefits for Your Business:

    • Access premium products at wholesale prices
    • Provide your customers with high-quality, vet-approved CBD solutions
    • Receive support from our dedicated team for seamless integration and satisfaction

    This bundle is available exclusively to verified business owners through this private page. Enhance your offerings and give your clients the best in pet wellness with the Happy Pet Wholesale Bundle.


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