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Pet Activities

Keeping Your Pet Active Indoors with Happy Pet Medicinals

Because your pet deserves to be happy!

Keeping pets active is crucial for their physical and mental well-being, but bad weather can disrupt outdoor plans. At Happy Pet Medicinals, we provide solutions that keep your pets engaged and healthy indoors, supplemented by our specialized CBD products. Follow our guide for pet activities.

For the Energetic Pup:

  • Treasure Hunt: Leverage your dog’s natural sniffing instincts by hiding their favorite treats or toys around your home. Enhance the fun by using different containers or wrapping the treats in paper.
  • Indoor Agility Course: Convert your living space into an agility course with pillows for hurdles, a sturdy low table as a jump platform, and an empty box as a tunnel. This not only keeps your dog physically active but also mentally sharp.
  • Interactive Fetch: Elevate the classic fetch game with a puzzle feeder or a treat-dispensing ball, adding a mental challenge to the physical activity.

For the Curious Kitty:

  • Catnip Fun: Spark your cat’s interest with catnip on their favorite scratch post or a toy mouse, providing them with playful stimulation.
  • Climbing Challenge: Create a vertical playground using sturdy shelves, cat trees, or securely stacked cardboard boxes, catering to your cat’s climbing instincts.
  • The Laser Chase: Use a laser pointer to entertain your cat, ensuring the beam never shines directly into their eyes.

Keeping Calm During the Chaos:

While indoor play is great for expending energy, it can sometimes overstimulate your pet. Here’s how Happy Pet Medicinals can help:

  • Happy Pet Infusion: This tincture, containing 4000 mg of medicinal CBD, is excellent for reducing inflammation and stress in your pets. It’s designed to keep your pet’s joints flexible and their immune system strong. It also helps alleviate anxiety from common phobias, promoting an overall sense of relaxation.
  • CBD-G-N Blend: Our blend of 1000 mg CBD, 1000 mg CBG, and 1000 mg CBN is perfect for pets needing extra care due to advanced age or specific health conditions. This formula offers a holistic approach to reducing inflammation, calming anxiety, and providing neuroprotective benefits, making it ideal for pets with joint pain or other debilitating issues.

Pet Activities:

After an active play session, incorporating a few drops of either our Happy Pet Infusion or the CBD-G-N blend can help your pet unwind and relax, ensuring they are comfortable and stress-free.

Tips for Pet Activities:

  • Always supervise playtime to ensure safety.
  • Adjust activities to fit your pet’s age and fitness level.
  • Enjoy this time to bond with your pet!

By integrating Happy Pet Medicinals products into your indoor routines, you ensure your pet remains active, calm, and happy, regardless of the weather!

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