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Our furry babies need medicine too! Our Happy Pet Infusion is wonderful for reducing inflammation and stress in your four-legged family member. A cannabidiol isolate that is emulsified into raw and refined hemp oil. Treats all animals from 1lb to 100lbs.

Happy Pet Infusion 30cc (1oz) infusion has 1000 milligrams of medicinal CBD suspended within it, designed to keep your pet’s joints flexible by reducing inflammation. The tincture will also keep the immune system strong by feeding the central nerve system. It aids your companion in being anxiety-free from common phobias by creating an overall sense of relaxation.

1000 mg of CBD per 30ml / 1 ounce bottle

Recommended Pet Dosing by Weight

  • 1-25 lb two to four drops upto 4 times a day
  • 25-45 lb .25 mL up to 4 times a day
  • 45-75 lb .5 mL up to 4 times a day
  • 75-and up 1 mL up to 4 times a day

Give directly to your pet or add to food.